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The 7 Mysteries of Me, MeMe...who Me?

I have been tagged with the 7 mysteries of my life by my friends??!?!?!?!?

Paula SwaynePaula Swayne and new pal Sherry Scales Sherry Scales

Check out their blogs; Paula writes great Localism posts and Sherry is incredibly funny!

Seven things you may not know about me: The Crystal Ball Reveals

•1)  3m Half Marathon & RelayI have a love/hate relationship with running. I hate getting started but after the first mile or so my body realizes we are out for a run and I start enjoying the challenge and scenery etc.I have run 6 marathons and 1 ultra-marathon and I am currently training for the Austin 3M ½ marathon in February. I am not a health nut but enjoy the benefits of feeling better mentally and physically as well as eating pretty much anything I want without swelling up like Jaba the Hut! Something I find ridiculous are people who use a picture of themselves running in their profile or bio with tag-lines like "Going the extra mile" or "the marathon salesman".'s just plain is GOOFY! Runners don't care and you run the risk of alienating 95% of the population who thinks on a daily basis that they need more exercise!

•2)  I abhor liars, bullies and any person, group or entity that abuses a position of power to further their own self interests or abuse the rights and privileges of others. This has carried over into my business over time however, in the last few years I have become the "Voice of Reason" in many circumstances. I still do not respond well to threats, intimidation or coercion and sometimes feel compelled to take the Samuel Jackson approach for those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers... Okay, admittedly that's way over the top but as my previous broker used to say, "Russell is either the easiest person with whom to do a transaction or the most difficult and it's all in how you act at first".

•3)  Okay, now for something on the bright side. I love music, ALL KINDS of music and if you listened to my iPod you would certainly be baffled.As of today, I have 2764 songs to date with tunes from the 60's,70's,80's,90's and 2000's including Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk, World beat, Rap, Reggae and surprisingly about 20% of the play lists are Gospel and Classical. Right now I am listening to an interesting jam with John Lee hooker and Miles Davis. My musical tastes swing wildly back and forth and today my favorite songs are the loudly obnoxious I don't wanna stop... by Ozzy Osborne to the semi-maudlin Say what you need to say by John Mayer. Ask me tomorrow and my choice of favorites will be completely different!

•4)  For a brief time I studied Film Making in College and developed a lifelong love of all kinds of movies.If you ask about my favorites, I would have to give you my top ten in a bunch of categories like Weirdest, Comedies, Dramas, War Movies, Blockbuster, Independent, Foreign (this would have to be divided into lists covering Italian, French, German, and oriental although only Akira Kurosawa for Japan and with the exception of Ang Lee, a couple of lesser known Chinese directors). I can say without a doubt that Eraserhead (1977) trailer which I saw in Film School is still the all time most bizarre film ever. The best part about my film hobby is that my wife is a willing participant and accompanies me to anything that I get a hankering to see!

•5)  I am a passionate reader and my whole family is in on this too. We've read to our children since birth and I can tell you that the day you walk by your child's room and see them reading for the first time, something they want to read, you get the most incredible sense of accomplishment. The really cool thing is that now that they are older we often trade ideas for books. We spend too much money on books but our local Westbank Community Library has just about anything you could want and they also have a lend program with the Downtown library for books not readily on hand. An interesting thing about the library is that each time you check out a book you are given a receipt that lists what it would cost at a local bookstore. Towards the end of the year the tally can get very high. My daughter was there the other day and the Lewis Family has racked up over $4,800 in savings on books this year!

•6)  I love traveling as much as just about anything in the world and again, my wife is a willing partner in our wanderlust.We have traveled all over the United States, been to Europe twice and have spent time in several places in the Caribbean. My favorite parts of the world (besides Austin) are New York, Paris (I would like to live there for 3 or 4 months at a time) the countryside of Emilia Romagna in Northern Italy. I think more than anything I could be happy in a small place on the white sands of a Caribbean island, cooking, reading, listening to music, watching movies, eating, running, (chasing my wife!?!) following the lives of our children and know, anything but WORK!

Us!•7)  My birthday, May 24th is the day before my anniversary, May 25th and for years I used to complain that it in some way detracted from my birthday. You know, sort of like a person whose birthday is in December so that Christmas overshadowed the occasion. However about 9 years ago, I came to realize that my wife was the best gift I had ever received in my entire life. I know, it may seem corny but it's the truth and for that I am eternally grateful!

Alrighty now, I finally got that out of the way and I procrastinated so long that all of the people I was going to tag have a been tagged by others and even written their respective posts so... Everyone gets a free ride today! Happy New Year!

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