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If MeMe's were Guitars...

Red Guitar







This! it's a long version and really takes off at 2:25, enjoy!

or this...

and one of my life long favorites

Don't let my taste for this type of music fool you, I am not about any particular style or type of music (My ipod is the most confusing shuffle you will ever hear) and it is the same with the rest of MeMe too...

I am - a serious person who does not take a whole lot of things too seriously.

I think - thousands of different thoughts every day and sometimes it is like a committee discussion but fortunately I do not act on every single thought that "pops' into my head!

I can - do just about anything I put my mind to as long as it's a good blend of dreaming and a nod to realistic expectations. Yeah, yeah I know but there are some things we gotta remember like gravity, the laws of nature, thermodynamics etc. etc.

I want - to make a difference in my family, my community and the world, no matter how small. I learned from my father to help others from a young age and that we have to make an individual effort. There is no such thing as the "compassionate conservative".

I have- a tendency to talk way too much so I make a continuous effort to try and slow down and listen and think before I begin speaking.

I wish- I could spend all my time traveling, playing, exploring, learning, reading, watching movies, listening to music, cooking, eating, volunteering, hiking, camping, hunting, running, relaxing and sharing it with my family. I am not one of those people who will waste away when I retire!

I hate - liars and bullies and always have a soft spot for the underdog, the underprivileged and the abused. Having said that, I have made a conscious effort to remove the word from my vocabulary because hate in any form is always destructive!

I miss - my Father in more ways than you can imagine but I have learned to let him go and cherish his love and everything he taught me.

I fear- the forces of power and politics are Balkanizing us as a people and that there is actually very little difference between us and and our neighbors. Unfortunately the 20% making up the extremes continue to try and convinced us that everything is black and white.

I feel - that my sometime cynical nature will keep me from seeing the best in other people, situations or circumstances. And I have learned that it can take more than prayer and meditation to solve a dilemma.

I hear- the sounds of the cicada's buzzing in the Texas heat outside in the valley behind my house. The birds at feeder and the the other everyday sounds of my life that are so familiar and comforting to me. Come back next month and the sounds will be different.

I smell- something good in the kitchen, her scent when we hold on to each other, the aroma of rich coffee when we wake up each day and the cool air during a morning run!

I search - for ways to be a better person, Husband and Father and have learned that when we search for wisdom, knowledge or any other attribute it is not just given to us, NOPE, we are given "opportunities" to learn the things we seek and it can be a real pain at times!

I regret - nothing anymore...It is an emotion that robs me of the time I could otherwise spend being happy and  enjoying the present.

I love - being alive; the first thought when I wake up every day is "Thank you for this day" followed by "Thank you for my beautiful wife and children".

I care- about others and value loyalty and honesty more than any other attribute in friends and family and anyone who I meet.

I always - thought God watched you until he got bored and then he killed you! What an incredible surprise to learn that I was wrong and that my life is filled with Grace.

I am not - a person who backs down from a confrontation, ignores problems or hides from the truth and I almost always speak up!

I believe - that my Ego is NOT my Amigo and that resentment is like taking poison and hoping the other person will suffer.

I dance - when no one is looking and sometimes "bust a move" in public without thinking. My wife and I will dance around the house for no particular reason and I guess it's just the music sometimes...

I sing- out loud, completely absent minded along with my iPod when I am running and do not realize it until I see the amused looks on the faces of other people on the trail.

I don't always - get started right away because I  sometimes procrastinate and it is something I continue to work on in a constructive way.

I write - but not that well. If I could write like I talk it would be a breeze but putting it down does not flow as easily from my brain to my fingers as it does when verbalized. Then again I talk too much at times!

I win- every time I slow down and really listen, take my time and make a conscious effort to understand rather than be understood.

I lose - my peace, joy and bliss, when I allow some person, place or thing in my life to keep me from being happy and productive.

I never - want to lose my enthusiasm for living, my ability to enjoy the world and the great sense of imagination and humor that seems to be part of my genetic makeup!

I listen- to every kind of music imaginable so don't be fooled by the guitars, My ipod would thoroughly confuse a future anthropologist because it has Heavy Metal  and Mozart, blues, Rock, jazz, fusion Reggae, Funk, classical, experimental and well, you get the idea...And of course..I AM from Texas!

I can usually be found- wondering around in my thoughts because sometimes my mind has a mind of it's own.

I'm scared of - very few things (I cannot stand snakes) but I know that when I am in fear, I need to look at it and figure out why, then do something about it.

I read - everything I can get my hands on, I am interested in so many things that I usually read more than one book at a time!

I forget - but I am still learning that forgiveness is the gift you give yourself.

I just - have two prejudices; vegetarians (and their Hezbollah like compatriots, vegans) and the rude people who drive small BMW's. Although this summer I have become more tolerant and understanding of the former but less so with the latter.

I am happy about - the fact I am enjoying having a GREAT LIFE and that no matter what happens everything is going to be alright. No really, it me on this one!

And something to send you along...  gently and with a simple melody...

Thanks to Jennifer for the invitation and inspiration and also Jason & Jason 

I tag: marti  and Liz and Brad (unless he has already been tagged this go around)

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