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Don't let the little things get to you

You've heard the saying "pick your battles." Well as a parent, I believe you can't let the little things get to you. And I've carried that philosophy into my business life too. Things happen. Things go wrong and getting upset about them doesn't solve the problem or make your day any smoother.

Recently I had two things go wrong. My daughter broke my desktop computer and my client came to closing without his money. Staying calm helped to keep relationships in tack and get the problems solved.

First, my daughter broke my desktop computer while trying to install an upgraded video card. It just won't turn on anymore. The way I look at is that she learned a lot in the process. There was no benefit to getting angry with her. She was trying to be helpful. Believed she could do it and things do go wrong. I wasn't happy about having to make an expensive purchase in this economy but I did get an upgrade to the computer I had. My daughter offered to pay for it but you know what? She's a good kid, making good grades at UT and working a part time job as a lab tech in a dentist office so I said "no."

It's a new HP. Faster and smaller.

As for the closing. The buyer didn't realize that we couldn't close without his money and thought it would be OK that he had ordered the wire transfer (on-line) and it would be here in 5-7 days. Well after the initial shock wore off I asked him to go back to the bank, explain the situation and request a rush. The money came in by the end of the day and the sale closed and funded.
It's a house for my buyers. They are moving in.

And by the way, here is what happened with the wire transfer in case you have a similar situation. In particular, young people are very adept at doing everything on-line so my buyer went on-line to his bank and ordered the wire transfer. Since he wasn't present at the bank location with an ID they delayed the transfer to verify his identity. What he didn't know was that all he had to do was get a document from the bank signed and notarized which is what he did in the end. I never had this kind of problem before but as we move forward in high speed technology, it's an issue that may come up again. It usually only takes 24 hours for a wire transfer but now I'll ask my buyers in advance what their plans are for obtaining their money. Another lesson learned.

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You've heard the saying "pick your battles. " Well as a parent, I believe you can't let the little things get to you. And I've carried that philosophy into my business life too. Things happen. Things go wrong and getting upset about them… more
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