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Christmas Shenanigans at the Crouch House

We had a lovely Christmas at our house this year. My mom was in town, the kids were supremely spoiled, and no one got sick. This marks the first year in recent memory when we made it through December unscathed by viruses of any kind. Two years ago, I battled a debilitating migraine which lifted around Christmas Eve.

At any rate, my most expensive gift this year was a new iPad Air, with a hard case and keyboard. It will allow me to work (and blog) from anywhere, hopefully making me more productive, but time will tell.

But my favorite gift this year was something I bought for $10 at Terra Toys, which is a local toy store with tons of quirky items. I have included a photo for your enjoyment. I couldn't pass up these "Creepy Doll Head Salt & Pepper Shakers". I wrapped them as a gift for my wife, along with her other gifts.

My son saw them on the kitchen counter, then promptly disappeared with them. He hid them in a cabinet to freak us out. They are rather jarring.

Since then, we've made an elaborate game out of hiding them in various places to surprise each other. Once, he hid them in the drawer where I keep my keys and wallet. Another time, I hid them on a package of tamales in the refrigerator.

Do my bidding, creepy doll heads.

The day after Christmas, my mom and I went to lunch, and since we were in the area, we stopped in at Terra Toys and bought a second set of doll heads. When it was my turn to hide them, I hid three of them together on my son's desk in his room.

"They're multiplying!", I heard him exclaim.

It's nice to see him laugh so hard. Best $20 I've spent in awhile. Yes, we have an odd sense of humor. I can't wait to use them for their actual intended purpose when we have guests.

It's good old-fashioned fun.

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