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Thanks for showing me your house, Batman!

Years ago, I received a call from a guy who wanted to have us come take a look at his house on the north shore of Lake Travis. He asked us to meet him on the SOUTH shore of Lake Travis. After we found him and chatted for a bit, he took us on his boat (at around 50 mph, if memory serves) across the lake to his house. 

Upon arriving, he escorted us to a golf cart, which made the trip up to the house itself a lot easier. The home was around 6500 square feet, with a commanding view of the lake and hills beyond, and it was surrounded by manicured acreage.

Inside, we found a place in need of a few cosmetic updates, but there were also some hidden features that made it pretty compelling, including remote-controlled window coverings, a very high-tech security system with cameras all over the property, and a hidden room behind a bookcase.

I have to admit that after he showed us the hidden room, I knew that I could market this place. it was Batman's hideout. Inside the room, there were a couple of monitors featuring live video feeds from at least 8-10 cameras around the home and land. 

"Batman" also explained to us that he could control the lights, A/C, and locks remotely when they were traveling, and that he could log in from anywhere in the world to check up on his property. Keep in mind that although this may sound more commonplace today, this was about a decade ago, so we were pretty darn impressed.

There are often intangibles and things you don't see on the surface that make a home more desirable. In this case, high-tech gadgetry combined with a hidden saferoom made this home a pretty impressive piece of real estate. 

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Thanks for showing me your house, Batman!
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