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Help Provide Housing & Cars for Four Different Families - Luke 6 Ministries

I am feeling ambitious, apparently. PLEASE consider re-blogging and/or donating if you're able. We just launched one of our most ambitious and exciting fundraisers, because it affects so many people's lives so directly.

We have become friends with four families totaling 18 people, who all are very needy, and could use any help you can give to get them more stable and able to support themselves. Among these friends, 11 of them are children ranging from 1-14 years old.

Two families are in need of places to stay, because they are currently living in motels. As you might well imagine, motel life is very expensive: you can't cook very easily, so you frequently have to eat expensive prepared food. Furthermore, for the price you pay to occupy a motel room, you could actually afford to rent a house, in many cases.

So, here's the idea: we managed to find two very affordable trailers for these families to live in. Both owners are giving us significant discounts because of our project. We plan to put these trailers in a community where the rent and utilities are quite affordable: the cost for a month in a trailer park it's about what you'd pay for only one week in a motel! Please pray that we'll be able to help these two families and their children to get set up in trailers, and give as you feel led.

Also, we have two families who do not currently have any form of transportation. As you know, it is very difficult to maintain employment if you cannot get to work, so it would be a huge blessing for these families if they had a way to get to the store and work other than walking or the bus. City buses do not travel outside Austin, so if our friends want to get jobs in Round Rock or any other area outside Austin, where the rents are lower, they truly need to have cars. Please pray that God will provide transportation for these folks, so they are better able to move themselves and their kids so they can become independent.

Finally, there is a very needy couple that is looking to get married soon. They may need our help obtaining the marriage license, and dress clothes, etc. In the meantime, he lost his job and is behind on his truck payment (almost fully paid off). He needs to retain his vehicle if possible to begin work at a new job that he interviewed for today. If we manage to reach our goal, we will help him catch up on that, and pay for a marriage license with the county, and work with them to help them get married as soon as it's feasible.

The breakdown of estimated expenses as as follows:

$6000 - 33' RV - "5th wheel" trailer 
$5500 - 28' RV - also a 5th wheel
$1200 - Mercury Sable
$1500 - Pontiac Grand Am
$800 - Estimated expenses for transferring all property
$1259 - Truck payment
$81 - marriage license

This totals $16,340. We set the goal a bit higher as a guesstimate to cover all of the fees for GoFundMe and WePay (which transfers the money straight into our ministry bank account).

We will prioritize/triage the needs as we see fit, but the money will be applied as you see above.

Donations are not tax-deductible. Please give as you feel led to do. Here is the link to donate: 

This has the potential to be utterly life-changing for MANY people. Thank you and God bless you for considering this opportunity. Feel free to call me with any questions. My number is 512-796-7653.


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Comment balloon 1 commentJason Crouch • May 14 2014 04:23PM


I hope you get alot of donations and assistance for them from this blog!

Posted by Kristin Johnston - REALTOR®, Giving Back With Each Home Sold! (RE/MAX Realty Center ) about 6 years ago